3. Editing Services
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3.2. Terms and conditions
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2. Edit Templates
2.1. Free templates and opening
2.2 Download for free Photoshop
2.3. Basic editing tutorials

4. Expert Tools
4.1. Online generator Barcode USA Driver license
4.2. Private Fake cloud 2

1.1 Left navigation bar for find templates, use to:

โ€” Looking update: Latest Update for view list last templates.
โ€” Looking at type: Credit cards, Passports, Statements or other.
โ€” Looking on search: for example โ€œCaliforniaโ€.
โ€” Looking country: XXX-code countries with flag.

1.2 How to download template file?

Download templates psd of the to button a Purchase, open template page and tap button. For payment you will receive amount and Bitcoin address. After payment and 1 confirmation Blockchain Network โ€“ will receive a direct link to download to order E-mail.

1.3 What other payment methods?

We accept only Bitcoin. Only Cryptocurrencies (e.g. BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC), Perfect Money and PayPal.

1.4 Follow step-by-step guide and watch video the purchase process.

1.5 No file received.

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